Say Hello to the Officers

Say Hello to the Chair Members

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Brooke Jordan Maddox (she/they)


Brooke is a third year student at UW studying psychology and chemistry and will be going to med school after finishing undergrad, fingers crossed. Her favorite things include chocolate milk, scheduling every minute of her day on google calendar, and listening to the exact same music that she's listened to for the past five years. As co-president of Q-Munity, she hopes to prioritize inclusion, connection, and authenticity for everyone involved with the organization. Feel free to message her with any and all hot takes on food pairings or literally anything else!


Zoe Luderman Miller (she/they)


Zoe is a third year student at UW studying archaeology and microbiology, or as she likes to put it, bones and germs. Their passions include painting, backpacking, and dad jokes. Zoe is the current co-president of Q-munity, and can't wait to make new friends and guide the club into a bright future with their partner in crime (Brooke).


Vineet Palepu (they/them)


Vineet is currently the Treasurer of Q-Munity and is currently a fourth-year ACMS Major. They love talking to people but are not so great at starting conversations so they always welcome people to come chat. Outside of the club, they enjoy playing piano and guitar. They recently started rock climbing and can often be found at Crags (when it's not closed due to big rona).


Torin Burns (they/them)

Philanthropy Coordinator

Torin is a Freshman at UW planning to major in History and GWSS. They love baking and cooking and testing out new recipes every week. It’s their first year at UW so they're excited to meet new people and are always open to new friends. They’re looking forward to fostering a socially conscious Q-munity and getting everyone involved in supporting the community in the U District and the broader Seattle.


Juliette Puchner (they/them)

Social Media Manager

Juliette is a third year student at UW planning to major in Psychology and minor in Human Rights. They have four dogs that they could talk about all day and love all animals. They enjoy relaxing and watching Netflix and also love scary movies. They manage the website and Instagram for Q-Munity. They also love making new friends so feel free to message them on Instagram any time!

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Mallika Sansgiri (she/her)

Social Chair

Mallika is a second year student at UW studying computer science. She loves cooking and hosting dinner parties with friends. When she's not maniacally studying you can find her playing tennis, in any comedy club or wandering the streets staring at cute dogs. As social chair she is in charge of creating and executing clubs events.